Established in 1991

All used in stock mechanical parts will carry a standard 90 day part warranty from date of sale unless otherwise specified.  All used special ordered mechanical parts will carry a standard 30 day part warranty from the date of sale unless otherwise specified.  If within the warranty period the part fails, we will exchange the part.  If you purchased the incorrect part there will be a 25% restocking fee, if we agree to accept it back.  All cut parts have a $150.00 minimum restocking fee.  There are no labor warranties on any parts unless purchased with an extended warranty.  There are no refunds on freight unless we determine the part is defective.

All wheels are guaranteed to fit and be true and correct at time of purchase.  All glass and sheet metal are guaranteed to fit and sold as is.  All cores have to be returned within 15 business days to receive credit.

Warranty on all parts will be void if they are not prepared and installed correctly.

Warranties do not include towing, lodging or rental.

Engine checklist:

1. Install a new thermostat and gasket.
2. Change oil and filter prior to starting.
3. Replace timing belt or chain, if applicable.
4. Replace valve cover gasket.
5. Flush cooling system and check radiator flow and refill with antifreeze.
6. Install new oil seals and gaskets where necessary (oil leaks are not covered under warranty).
7. Clean the oil sump screen and pickup tube.
8. Electrical sensors/switches should be transferred.
9. Keep invoices for the parts purchased.
10. Retain all service and maintenance records.

Transmission checklist:

1. Thoroughly flush transmission cooling system including lines and cooler.
2. Fully engage torque converter in front pump.
3. Replace all external seals.
4. Replace filter.
5. Fill the transmission with the manufactures recommended fluid to the proper level.
6. Clear stored fault codes on computer controlled transmissions prior to test drive.
7. Keep invoices for the parts purchased.
8. Retain all service and maintenance records.

NOTE: When interchanging between years and models it may be necessary to change wiring, linkages and speedometer gears/sensors.